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       Zibo Boshan Yin Bo Ceramics Co., Ltd. www.xxcfzs.cn the company's main: National kiln fine, tableware tea sets, magnesia reinforced porcelain, bone china, export porcelain, gift cup, disinfection tableware, ceramic knives, etc.
        Address: Zibo City, Grand BOSHAN hilltop town of Tao Industrial Park,

        Zibo is the famous "Jiangbei porcelain capital", and glass products and ceramic products is not only known at home and abroad, but also has a long historical tradition. At present, Zibo has become the country's ceramic industry, a full, complete industrial chain of ceramic-producing areas, where the porcelain of Zibo is into Zhongnanhai, a state banquet special porcelain, national gift porcelain.
      Shandong Zibo Ceramics Corporation of Shandong's largest manufacturer of ceramics for daily use. There are all located in the north, known as porcelain Boshan District,     
      Zibo, Shandong Province.
      Has a long history of production, product variety. Produce tea, tableware, coffee, wine tools, microwave ovens and other household appliances, ceramics, art pottery, advertising gift porcelain, for export porcelain, high-grade hotels with porcelain. There magnesia reinforced porcelain, strengthen bone china, porcelain, fine porcelain and other kinds of stone. Products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, deeply domestic and foreign customers welcome.
        Produced by magnesium reinforced porcelain hotel ware, there are more than 1,000 varieties are green and healthy of cadmium lead-free ceramics, its fine white porcelain, crystal moisture. Handsome in appearance and practical, with high hardness and good thermal stability, edge anti-impact ability, acid and alkali scrubbing solution, the product high-temperature firing, long-term use without scratches and other surface characteristics, have been the Great Hall and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing as a state banquet given Porcelain. Enhanced research and development of new bone china, magnesia reinforced porcelain in the newly developed on the basis of a new species of porcelain with elegant fine bone china, fetal thin and transparent, but also to strengthen porcelain both high-intensity, high stability and the capacity to crashworthiness characteristics, domestic ceramics market, a wonderful work, post-marketing deeply welcomed by customers.
        Produced high-grade bone china, through a special process with its fine porcelain, smooth and white, elegant poem, fetal thin paper, is earmarked for the British royal porcelain, and has become China's leading consumer high-end porcelain.
      The company will continue to explore, innovate, develop, develop new products contribute to the society!

      Address: Zibo City, Grand BOSHAN hilltop town of Tao Industrial Park,
      Tel:+86-0533-8711847  Fax:+86-0533-7916203 Website:www.xxcfzs.cn
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